Our Wedding Day

(written November 24, 2016)


Yesterday I dreamed about how we could meet

Abby carried roses to you down the street

Wasn't 'til I woke up it occurred to me

(It was our wedding day)

And everything had lined up like it's s'posed to be


Golden leaves along the ground in early fall

A pretty congregation lined against the wall

Your mother pulled an orange down from off the tree

(And handed it to me)

And everything all lined up like it's s'posed to be


The wild parrots circle, but they're settling down

A sermon for the people who are lost, then found

I figured Aretha would be singing by now

(I'm doing right, my woman)

I can hear the music, but there's no one around


capo 8

Cmaj7 Dadd11-D6add11


Lyrics & music by Nathan Veshecco

© ℗ 2017 Wacky Penacky Music (ASCAP)