(written September 14, 2016)


So you got 20 people

To gather in a room and talk your shit

Well that's alright, I feel you

I must've done some things to deserve it

Like when my father left me

I could not stop myself from trying to quit

And from the time I met you

I was so used to talking about it


The sister of a preacher

Who never knew who she was deep inside

She wanted to leave me sooner

But could not handle, so instead, she lied

Now all these months have piled up

And all these tears I never had to cry

You surround yourself with people

Who do not care if I should live or die


A coward and a liar

A stoker of the fires you have set

A cheerleader of bullies

Oh, how I wish that we never had met


capo 8

Am7 G6 Fmaj7


Lyrics & music by Nathan Veshecco

© ℗ 2017 Wacky Penacky Music (ASCAP)