Broken Arrow

(written November 30, 2016)


Hey, little broken arrow

Where will you go

When you just can’t see who you are in the dark

Will you travel far

Far from my heart

As you sell your art to the stars

To the stars


Hey, little broken arrow

Where do you lead

When you aren’t full grown

Just a seed, just a seed

But I’m a seed too

I sing the blues

Cuz I don’t know what else to do

I’m a fool

Broken for you

Choking for you

Joking or true, I’m a loser for you


Hey, little broken arrow

I’d meet you in space

But we’re much too broken to go anyplace


tuned down a half step



Lyrics & music by Nathan Veshecco

© ℗ 2017 Wacky Penacky Music (ASCAP)