Book Of Prayers

(written November 5, 2016)


"Well, even if you never loved me

You know I, I love you, still"

I read that in a prayer book my father left behind

And it's mine now, for he left no will


Of seven sad months I've spent here

It's only been three since I found out

'Bout you and your friends and your deceptive bends

And it makes me wanna stomp and shout


Now I go out walking with that book of prayers

And it says Jesus hung with his lost friend

There's fog down the street where we used to meet

And I don't know where it ends




F#m Bsus4 E A

E Bsus4 E


Lyrics & music by Nathan Veshecco

© ℗ 2017 Wacky Penacky Music (ASCAP)