A Short Letter

(written November 12, 2016)


Dear friend,

I read your letter.

I can't pretend

That I'm not alarmed at how you seem to feel

You know the deal.


I've said

That space is essential

I'm in the red

And, I’m looking for time on my own just to heal

I must learn how to feel


You spoke

Of hope for a friendship

Was that a joke?

Have I failed you with words or have you been asleep?

Maybe you're not that deep


We're sick

And, we both know it

We're in the thick of our problems

And, right now my mind only weeps

Yours is in it for keeps


My friend,

When this letter finds you

Try not to bend

There's a drawing inside of how you remember me

Love always, 



capo 3


Cmaj7 Dadd9add11


Lyrics & music by Nathan Veshecco

© ℗ 2017 Wacky Penacky Music (ASCAP)